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Transform the water in your home. Remove Chlorine, Chloramines, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Trihalomethanes (THMs), bad Taste, bad Odor, water-soluble Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Chromium, and other dissolved metals and so much more. Your water will be safer, cleaner and better for cooking, drinking and even bathing. Complete Water Systems LLC offers high quality water filtration system for the entire home or for point of use.




Whole Home Water Filtration Back-Washing

Whole Home Water Filtration No Electric No Waste

Whole Home Water Filtration Cartridge Systems

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Smart Valve Technology 

WiFi Options

Bluetooth Options

Components have been tested and certified to meet NSF/ANSI 42 & 53

Certified high grade filtration medias

Back washing & non-back washing options

Maintenance free options

Lowest yearly maintenance costs

Made in the USA

Manufactured in Arizona

Fully programmable with on-board diagnostics or controlled from

smart phone or tablet

Solid state Microprocessor

Down-flow / Up-flow Regeneration

Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed, or Time clock delayed

Non Volatile Memory Power Backup

Encore Water Treatment, Encore Evo, Encore Evolve, Evolve Water Treatment, Salt Free water softener, Ultima water, B&R Industries, Nelsen Corp.


Cleaner / safer water throughout your home

Higher quality cooking & drinking water

Removes bad taste & odors

Removes chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, industrial contaminants

Removes organics including volatile organics (vocs), & much more

Cleaner air - prevents inhaling chlorine that is evaporated in steam

Softer hair & skin

Dropconnect.com, The DROP Hub monitors all residential water system devices 24/7 to make sure they’re working properly. It keeps you in the loop through the DROP App, which uses standard home WiFi so you can control your water system from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world, at any time.

What's Included

Installation at existing loop, up to 1" plumbing, no drain, plumbing, or electrical extension required

Warranties 100% transferable

Removal & Disposal of Old System Included

Valve - Choice of Industry Leading Control Valve - based on your selection

Certified high grade filtration medias

Tank Cover -  Choice of (White, Chrome, Stainless Finishes or Neoprene)


Pricing includes Installation - With existing loop, up to 1" plumbing at loop location,

no drain, plumbing, or electrical extension required


Lowest Price Guarantee

  • Our pricing is based on the highest quality components and our unsurpassed warranties and customer service.

  • We can customize a package based on your budget.

  • We will meet or beat any competitors pricing on comparable systems, warranty and services.

  • System only sales, filters, parts, service & more 

Soft Water Loop, Whole Home Water Loop


  • Installation Included on Existing Loop 3/4" or 1" (Standard) means at loop location,

       no drain, plumbing, or electrical extension required

  • Establishing a loop can range from $275.00 to $900.00 or more, on average

       the loop charges run $450.00 

How do I know if I have a loop?


Normally you will see a section of 3/4" copper plumbing shaped similar to the image above, located in the garage near the hot water heater. 

Sizing a Whole Home Filtration System

How do I know what size system I need?


Properly Sizing your Whole House Carbon Filter when using a Tank System


Notice: It is critical that you properly size your carbon unit. To do this you will need to accurately determine the Maximum Service Flowrate (in GPM) of your incoming household water service to make sure your unit can properly clean itself during Backwash Mode.

You will also need to determine your Maximum Water Demand/Flowrate (in GPM) for your household, to make sure you have enough carbon to properly filter the water being used by several fixtures running all at the same time such as a shower, toilets flushing, 2 running sinks, and laundry machine etc.


Step 1: For standard Chlorine, Taste, and Odor removal, select your carbon unit by first carefully determining your anticipated Maximum Water Demand/Flowrate (in GPM) for your house. You must add up the water demand caused by several of your household's fixtures listed below. Under sizing a unit will lead to poor performance. This is measured in Gallons Per Minute.

Home Water Fixture and plumbing average gallons of water per minute GPM

Step 2: Next select a carbon filter system where it’s stated Maximum Service Flow is greater than the anticipated Maximum Water Demand/Flow-rate of your house.


Carbon works better with (more carbon=larger tank volumes), so you will get better quality water by having the Maximum Service Flow of the carbon filter exceed the Maximum Water Demand/Flowrate of your house by 2 or 3 or 4 GPM. Do not under-size your carbon filter or it will not work properly.


The Maximum Service Flow values given are for performing “standard dechlorinating”, which is relatively easy for carbon to do. For removing extra contaminants and organics (which is more difficult) you will want to subtract several gallons from that maximum service flow number – which will put you into a larger sized unit. More carbon means more contact with water, more contact time with water means better filtration.


Step 3: Make sure that your household water service can meet or exceed the Minimum Required Backwash Rate of the carbon filter you are contemplating. This is absolutely critical to flush out the collected sediments and properly clean the carbon bed. Over-sizing a unit so that you cannot deliver the Minimum Required Backwash Flow-rate needed by the unit will lead to carbon bed fouling and very poor performance.


If you have a lot of sediments in your water you may precede your carbon filter with a 20” sediment filter to keep the carbon bed and valves from fouling with sediments and rust. We recommend a 20” Big Blue which is considered high performance and creates the lowest pressure drop.


If you also have a water softener or water conditioner: Install the whole home filtration unit before (upstream of) the water softener to protect the water softener resin beads from chlorine damage extending the life of your softener.




Having some sort of filtration is substantially better than nothing at all. As long as you understand the system have a realistic expectation of what the system can do, it is properly maintained and installed you will end up very happy with the results and change in your water quality.

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