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Well Water & Specialty Filters for Arizona

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Systems on this page are retail price only. Shipping charges may apply. Call for quote for installation price. All Specialty water treatment systems are non-refundable unless the manufacture chooses to make exceptions. Consumer is responsible to understand their water conditions and to ensure systems and media will operate based on manufacture's minimum water parameters. Please contact us to discuss your current conditions and for media specification sheets if not listed on our site. We are happy to work with you and the media manufactures to customize a system to best fit your needs.


We recommend testing through Legend, you can schedule testing with our office, Legend does not  accept samples taken by homeowners.


Call us at 602-396-5566 for other filtration options and pricing.


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Test Should Include: (Items below are required by the media manufactures to provide recommendations only)







The EPA establishes drinking water standards, which apply to all public water systems across the country. Private Wells are not regulated by any government agency and it is responsibility of the owner to monitor the water on a routine basis.

National Primary Drinking Water Regulations

Other Water Testing Options

Recommended Testing Kits - Advanced or Essential

Recommended Testing Kits - Deluxe 

Arsenic Treatment

AdEdge Technologies’ Bayoxide® E33 media

Phoenix Water Softener, Arizona Water Softener, Clack, Fleck, Best Water Softeners, Soften

AdEdge Technologies’ Bayoxide® E33 media is the industry standard for arsenic reduction that reduces up to 99% of total arsenic, including both arsenic (III) and arsenic (V). This revolutionary new iron-based granular adsorption media has 4 to 10 times the capacity of many adsorption medias. AdEdge’s product is specifically designed for commercial and residential POE and small systems to meet the EPA arsenic standard of 10 ppb. Developed in the mid-nineties, this ferric oxide-based product has been successfully used in large-scale drinking water applications since 1999. The new E33 media can be discarded when spent and requires no chemicals or regeneration. It has become the premier product of choice for POE whole-house drinking water treatment systems for reliable, cost-effective, proven reduction of arsenic.

Nitrate Treatment

ResinTech SIsiR-100-HP

Phoenix Water Softener, Arizona Water Softener, Clack, Fleck, Best Water Softeners, Soften

ResinTech SIsiR-100-HP is a chloride form macroporous nitrate selective strong base anion resin. SIR-100-HP has a unique functionality that increases selectivity for nitrate and decreases selectivity for sulfate. This results in higher operating capacity, lower leakage, and freedom
from nitrate dumping if operated past sulfate break. SIR-100-HP is intended for all nitrate removal applications, and can also be used to remove perchlorate. SIR-100-HP is supplied in the chloride form.

E.Coli, Bacteria, Coliform

LUMINOR BLACKCOMB UV water treatment system

LUMINOR BLACKCOMB UV water treatment system

The LUMINOR BLACKCOMB UV water treatment system inactivates the following pathogens: Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E.Coli and Fecal Coliform. Powerful, yet compact UV system designed for the larger home or light commercial application, for flow rates up 20gpm (70 lpm).


Rusco SpinDown™ Sediment and Sediment Trapper™ Model Filters

Rusco Spin Down Filter.jpg

Rusco Sediment Filters provide protection for the appliances and plumbing infrastructure in your home that depend on water free from heavy sediment.

Rusco Filters are a staple for well water systems. The standard spin-down and sediment trapper filters are common configurations. Nationally Recognized & Certified

Whole Home / Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

2000 GPD RO 110V Computer Controlled Dual Mount

ROS Commercial Water Systems 2000.jpg

This system comes fully-loaded with all of the options built in standard, which sets this RO system apart from most commercial water filtering systems.  

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