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Complete Water Systems Best Price Water Treatment guarantee!

  • ​Our pricing is based on the highest quality components and our unsurpassed warranties and customer service.

  • ​Our goal is to provide our customer with the best possible price and we will always strive to put a package together that meets your needs.

  • ​We can customize a package based on your budget.

  • ​We will meet or beat any competitor's pricing on comparable systems, warranty and services. 

  • ​If we are asked to price match any advertised price, we may from time to time require a copy of the ad or quote to be in writing and include details related to the product. For example, quality of resin, or filtration media, warranty details and more. 


  • Go Green Systems

  • Encore Water Systems

  • Advanced Series Water Systems

  • Vesta Water Systems

  • Revolutionary New Patented Vortech-Mid-Plate™ Distribution Technology from Enpress®.

  • Drop Connect Water Systems

  • Wi-Fi Enabled 

  • Bluetooth Compatible

  • Works with Alexa

  • Vertex Water Products

  • Pentair Water Products

  • Clack / Fleck / Drop / Legacy & More


  • Save $100's when you treat more.

  • There are Three areas of home water treatment you should consider.

  1. Hard Water which damages appliances and plumbing

  2. Bad Odor, Chlorine, and 100’s of other contaminates throughout your home

  3. Safe pure water for drinking and cooking.

  • When you combine multiple areas of treatment you save $100’s of dollars vs buying systems separately.


Enjoy all the benefits of a Water Softener like Softer Skin & Hair, Brighter Clothes, Use Less Soap to Get More Lather, Makes Cleaning Easier, Less Household Cleaners Needed, Extends Life of Appliances & Hot Water Tanks, Extends Fabric Life.

We offer three package options to meet any budget.


Our CWS Pro Package offers a variety of valve options and features. The Vesta Package has exclusive features like the Vortech Tank and extended warranties. Finally our Drop Package is our Platinum Package offering lifetime warranties, whole home leak protection, works with Alexa, Free yearly system checks, Free reverse osmosis system, and much more. 


These systems feature the benefits of two systems combined into one. You get the advantages of a water softener plus the removal or reduction of hundred's of other contaminants. These systems removed Chlorine, Chloramines, VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), bad taste and odor and more. All systems designed to meet the tough water conditions of Arizona, and all are manufactured in Phoenix, AZ.


Choose from four package options to meet your budget. Our Hero Hybrid Package offers a variety of valve options and features. The Vesta All in One Package has exclusive features like the Vortech Tank and extended warranties. The Encore Package provides superior filtration media, a variety of valve options, and exclusive discounts on other services. The Drop Package is our Platinum Package offering lifetime warranties, whole home leak protection, works with Alexa, Free yearly system checks, Free reverse osmosis system, and much more. 


Our Salt Free Anti-Scale Conditioners offer a variety of industry technologies. We offer Electronic Magnetic Salt Free Conditioners as well as Anti-Scale Resin Utilizing Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC) / Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) technology. System features include options such as No Power / No Drain required, All in One Hybrid Systems, and all offer Whole Home Water Filtration.


  • Transform the water in your home.

  • Remove Chlorine, Chloramines, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Trihalomethanes (THMs), bad Taste, bad Odor, water-soluble Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Chromium, and other dissolved metals and so much more.

  • Your water will be safer, cleaner and better for cooking, drinking and even bathing.

  • Cleaner air - prevents inhaling chlorine that is evaporated in steam.

  • Available in non-electric, no wastewater options from IN/OUT tanks and filter cartridges to back-washing systems with the highest levels of filtration.


  • Multiple stages of filtration available.

  • Removes hundreds of contaminants including lead & chromium 6.

  • Space saving, expandable and can be customized.

  • Purified water options, or filtration only systems that do not require an additional faucet or remove minerals from water.

  • Alkaline water systems, Ultraviolet (UV) re-mineral systems and more.

  • 5 Year Parts Warranty.

  • Most Efficient Environmentally Conscious Membranes in the World today which waste 75% less water compared to most reverse osmosis systems.

  • In most cases these systems can also connect to your refrigerator for great clean and clear water and ice from your fridge.



  • Complete Water Systems offers a variety of water coolers, dispensers and ice machines.

  • Everything from small counter-top options to systems suitable for any office.

  • Systems compatible with built in filtration, reverse osmosis or even with a 3 to 5-gallon water bottle.


Comfort System - Hot Water Re-circulation System

The water circulation system that eliminates cold water line runoff at the faucet using a bypass valve and pump with a timer to control water flow while delivering instant hot water.


Significant water (and sewer) disposal savings, retaining the 12,000 to 38,000 gallons of wastewater a typical U.S. home wastes annually waiting for their hot water heater.


Some fast-growing counties are making the installation of hot water re-circulation pumps mandatory for all new construction projects to prevent heat loss.

Complete Water Systems LLC is family owned & operated.  Providing a complete array of Whole Home Water Treatment Products (Reverse Osmosis systems / Water Softeners / Whole Home Filtration / Salt Free Conditioners / Bacteria Removal UV Systems and more).

We provide the Highest Quality Components such as Clack - Fleck - Pentair - Pentek - Ultima - Vortech- Hydronix - Vertex and much more


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