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Drop Hybrid Water Softener + Whole Home Water Filtration with WiFi and Home Water Leak Detection

Encore Hybrid Water Softener + Whole Home Water Filtration

Advanced Water Softener 

Bundle Deals & Specials

  • Save more when you treat more.

  • There are Three areas of home water treatment you should consider.

  1. Hard Water which damages appliances and plumbing

  2. Bad Odor, Chlorine, and 100’s of other contaminates throughout your home

  3. Safe pure water for drinking and cooking.

  • When you combine multiple areas of treatment you save $100’s of dollars vs buying systems separately.

Water Softeners

  • The Advanced Series Water Softeners will protect your homes appliances and plumbing.

  • Removes Calcium & Magnesium which causes hard water,

  • Protects internal plumbing

  • Extends the life of all water using appliance

  • Improves water heater efficiency by 20 to 30 percent

  • Reduces amount of soaps, detergents & cleaning supplies by 60 percent, Hair & Skin will be softer, Laundry will be brighter & cleaner.

Starting at $1,100.00 includes tax & labor

Salt Free Systems

  • Systems designed with TAC/NAC anti-scale resin or NSF approved magnetic chamber.

  • These anti-scale water conditioners are a good alternative for anyone who does not want to use salt or potassium.  

  • Systems are available in both a back-washing design as well as non-electric and no back-washing configuration.

  • While they will remove scale buildup, it will not remove the minerals that make the water hard. No Salt and No Chemicals required.

  • All our Conditioners include some form of filtration media per manufacture recommendations.


Starting at $2,000.00 includes

tax & labor

Multi-Purpose Hybrid All In One Water Softeners with Whole Home Water Filtration

The convenience and benefits of Two Systems in One!


  • Complete Systems that will Soften or prevent scale build up

  • Protecting your appliances and plumbing

  • Filters out 100’s of contaminants in your water supply.

  • Remove Chlorine, Chloramines, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Trihalomethanes (THMs), bad Taste, bad Odor, water-soluble Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Chromium, and other dissolved metals and so much more.


Starting at $1,900.00 includes

tax & labor

Whole Home Water Filtration

  • Transform the water in your home. Remove

  • Chlorine, Chloramines, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Trihalomethanes (THMs), bad Taste, bad Odor, water-soluble Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Chromium, and other dissolved metals and so much more.

  • Your water will be safer, cleaner and better for cooking, drinking and even bathing.

  • Cleaner air - prevents inhaling chlorine that is evaporated in steam.

  • Available in non-electric no wastewater options from tanks and filter cartridges to back-washing systems with the highest levels of filtration.


Starting at $275.00 includes

tax & labor

Reverse Osmosis

  • Multiple stages of filtration available.

  • Removes hundreds of contaminants including lead & chromium 6.

  • Space saving, expandable and full customization.

  • Purified water options, or filtration only systems that do not require an additional faucet or remove minerals from water.

  • Alkaline water systems, Ultraviolet (UV) re-mineral systems and more.

  • 5 Year Parts Warranty.

  • Most Efficient Environmentally Conscious Membranes in the World today which waste 75% less water compared to most reverse osmosis systems.

  • In most cases these systems can also connect to your refrigerator for great clean and clear water and ice from your fridge.


Starting at $395.00 includes

tax & labor

Hot Water Re-Circulator

  • Comfort System - Hot Water Re-circulation System

  • The water circulation system that eliminates cold water line runoff at the faucet using a bypass valve and pump with a timer to control water flow while delivering instant hot water.

  • Significant water (and sewer) disposal savings, retaining the 12,000 to 38,000 gallons of wastewater a typical U.S. home wastes annually waiting for their hot water heater.

  • Some fast-growing counties are making the installation of hot water re-circulation pumps mandatory for all new construction projects to prevent heat loss.

Wi-Fi Enable Products

  • Our state-of-the-art smart water monitor is the heart and brains of the DROP Connect smart water monitoring system.

  • It integrates with all your residential water treatment devices, including water softeners, pumps, filters, flow meters, water conservation devices and more.

  • A wide range of Drop products include the Leak Detectors, Softeners, and filters, all of which can be controlled via the drop app on your smart phone, computer or tablets.

Whole Home Water Leak Prevention

  • The Ultimate in Water System Security

  • American homes waste 900 billion gallons of water per year — enough to supply 11 million homes, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • DROP Leak Detectors safeguard your property in the event of a water leak.

  • These small devices are placed under sinks, near toilets or anywhere water damage is likely to occur.

  • Most Homeowner Insurance Plans over discounts for home water leak detection.

Water Coolers & Ice Machines

  • Complete Water Systems offers a variety of water coolers, dispensers and ice machines.

  • Everything from small counter-top options to systems suitable for any office.

  • Systems compatible with built in filtration, reverse osmosis or even with a 3 to 5-gallon water bottle.


Hot Water Heaters

  • Lochinvar, Ruud, Rheem and more. Electric or Gas 6 or 10 year warranty. Call for more details.

Starting at $900.00 includes

tax & labor

Well Water Treatment

  • Well water treatment can be very simple to very elaborate depending on the conditions of your water.

  • Complete Water Systems offers a wide range of treatment products to treat any situation.

  • Arsenic III and V removal, Nitrates, Sulfates, Coli-form, E-Coli and much more. Call our office to discuss your water test today!

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