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DROP Water Filters

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Smart Home Water Filtration System

Fresh, Pure Water Straight From the Tap

Clean, great tasting water is essential for your family’s health and well being. However, in most areas these days, the water that comes out of the tap is laden with chlorine, pharmaceutical contaminants and/or other substances. Even well water can be suspect, given how widespread groundwater contamination with agricultural or industrial waste has become.

If you’re like many people, you’re tired of buying expensive bottles of water that pollute the planet with plastic waste. You’re tired of having to constantly refill filter pitchers, or having to change filters on multiple fixtures throughout the house. You’re ready for a whole house water filtration system.

With a DROP whole house water filtration system, you will:

Protect your family’s health by removing or reducing chlorine, chloramines, and other unhealthy and unwanted contaminants from drinking and shower water

Safeguard your home from water damage caused by undetected leaks or indoor flooding events

Save the time and expense of maintaining multiple water management systems

Protect the environment by eliminating plastic water bottle waste from your home

How Do DROP Whole House Water Filters Work?

DROP water filters are designed to integrate fully with all other DROP products to provide a full service home water management system that reliably delivers great tasting, healthy water while safeguarding your home and property.

Like our water softeners, these filters communicate with the DROP Hub through DROP Link low-frequency radio waves. The system also connects via Wi-Fi to the DROP App, which allows you to monitor and control your entire water system from anywhere, any time through your mobile device. Plus, it can easily be programmed to shut your water off when leaks or unusual water use are detected, for unprecedented leak protection unavailable anywhere else in the world.

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