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Complete Water Systems LLC Home Water Protection Club

Complete Water Systems LLC, wants to offer our customers an affordable option for maintenance on their plumbing needs. This club is available to all residential homeowners regardless if you purchased your system from us or not.


Regular maintenance of your water heater, water softener, reverse osmosis or other items is the best way to prevent inconvenient, costly repairs down the road. In addition to keeping the warranty on your equipment valid, regular maintenance will also extend the life of your equipment and help you save money on your utility bills.

We offer affordable monthly agreements to maximize your savings and make it as easy as possible for you.

What’s Included

  • Priority scheduling - same day, next day service

  • No Emergency service call fees

  • Annual Plumbing Inspection - Main Shut Off Valve / Pressure Reducing Valve / Vacuum Breaker / Water Heater / Faucets / Garbage Disposal / Hose bibs / Angle Stops and more

  • Yearly RO Filter Services - If done during annual visit it is Free for all industry standard 10" housing filters. (Regular Price $150.00 yearly), excludes membrane, quick connect filters or specialty filters. Excluded items receive a 10% discount.

  • Inspect all softener line connections

  • ​Inspect the valve programming and diagnostics

  • Test Water Hardness before and after the system

  • Discount on Softener Sanitation - Members pay $35.00 (Regular Price $150.00)

  • Hot Water Heater Flush - Members pay $49.00 (Regular Price $79.00) - Excludes Tankless and Solar Heaters.

  • 10% discount (up to $125) on additional products, services, or labor - for All other plumbing maintenance, repairs or new systems.

  • Protection from price increases: Locks in price for service for 12-month contract period.

  • $19.99 Billed Monthly

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