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Optional Servicing & Maintenance Plan - For Residential Water Softeners /

All-in-One Water Softeners

$19.99 Billed Monthly

  • 3 Additional Visits Per 12-Month Term for items or appointments not covered under original warranty (i.e., Valve Programming needed for reasons not related to manufacturing issues / or any item deemed not related to CWS systems)

What’s Included


  • Inspect all softener line connections

  • ​Inspect the valve programming and diagnostics

  • Check household water pressure

  • Test Water Hardness before and after the system

  • Discounts on additional Products, Services, or Labor for: Garbage Disposals, Hot Water Heaters, & Other Basic Plumbing Items

  • 10% Discounts on RO Filter Services

  • Protection from price increases: Locks in price for service for 12-month contract period.

  • Keeps appointments and maintenance in compliance for warranty

  • Basic Plumbing Inspection - Main Shut Off Valve / Pressure Reducing Valve / Vacuum Breaker / Water Heater / Faucets / Garbage Disposal / Hose bibs / Angle Stops

  • Service Call Charges

  • Resin Clean if Applicable (one time per 12-month term)

Salt Delivery - Residential


2 (50 lbs. bags) 

Additional bags are $9.50 each. 

Monthly, Bimonthly (every 2 months), or Quarterly 

North Valley - Northern Ave. North to Jomax, West to the 101, East to the 51, - $55.00

North East Valley - East of the 51 to 101, Shea Blvd., North to Deer Valley - $55.00

North West Valley - East of the 101 to 303, Northern Ave., North to Jomax - $75.00

South Est Valley - East of the 101 to 303, Northern Ave. South to Lower Buckeye - $85.00

Central, South Central Valley - South of Norther, Between 51 and 101 to 202 - $85.00

All other locations call for customized pricing.

Commercial Customers call 602-396-5566 for quote

Card or ACH info required on file


What’s Included


  • Salt will be left by garage or door if customer is not available on scheduled day.

  • If available Technician will preform the following:

  • Fill Brine Tank

  • Check Valve Settings

  • Preform Basic Water Test

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