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Regardless if you are on city water or a well water there is some level of contaminants in the water supply. Levels range from moderate to heavy but in most cases are not high enough to cause immediate effects but over time are  likely to cause long term health effects.

Carbon filtration systems are the most common method in the treatment of home water when the water is supplied from the city. The Carbon system is effective in removing chlorine, chloramines, odor and VOCs to provide chemical free water throughout your entire home.


If you water supply comes from a well it is necessary that you have a comprehensive water analysis completed by an independent laboratory. Once the report is completed a system can be designed to meet your specific needs.

For specific water contaminant issues such as iron, fluoride, sediment, or bacteria you will also need to make sure your system includes specific types of media to treat these concerns.


As mentioned on the Whole Home Filtration main page you have several techniques to complete the process, a filter cartridge system, tank systems with in/out control valves or tank systems with back-washing and an electronic control valve.

Multiple sizing options available.

CWS1050 – Includes:

Catalytic-High Activated Coconut Shell Carbon (CAT-HAC)

CWS1075 - (bacteriostatic) – Includes:

Catalytic-High Activated Coconut Shell Carbon (CAT-HAC) + KDF 55 with media guard

CWS2000 - (bacteriostatic) – Includes:

Catalytic-High Activated Coconut Shell Carbon (CAT-HAC) + KDF 55 with media guard + CENTAUR Catalytic Granular Activated Virgin Carbon + Filter Ag+ for 3 micron filtration

All Whole Home Filtration Systems with no backwashing include:

  • Digital Control Valve

  • Mineral Tank

  • Tank Cover (ask for options)


  • Safer drinking and cooking water at every tap

  • Removes/Reduces Chlorine, Pesticides, Herbicides, Industrial Contaminants, and 100's of other contaminants

  • Removes Bad Taste & Odor


  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 42 & 53


  • 5 Years on Valves

  • Lifetime on Mineral Tank

  • Lifetime on Carbon for 1st 5 years after 5 years only pay labor (if installed by us)


  • Easy maintenance fee

  • Media / Carbon Replacement every 5 to 7  years

Other Features:

  • Longer Media Life

  • Better Media Circulation

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