Vesta Package Water Softener System

Vestawater Treatment in Arizona

Our CWS Vesta Package offers exclusive features like the Vortech Tank and extended warranties. These systems are designed for Arizona's tough water conditions and manufactured in Phoenix, AZ. They are perfect for any residential or small commercial application anywhere. 

Vesta Water Softeners are available in a variety of sizes and can come in Single Tank Style, Cabinet Models and Twin Alternating System.

Available with the Clack as well as the Drop Wi-Fi Valves


Enjoy all the benefits of a Water Softener like Softer Skin & Hair, Brighter Clothes, Use Less Soap to Get More Lather, Makes Cleaning Easier, Less Household Cleaners Needed, Extends Life of Appliances & Hot Water Tanks, Extends Fabric Life.



  • PRICING - Includes All Tax & Labor with an Existing Loop up to 1", No Existing Loop - Call for Free Onsite – (Avg. $450.00 - $900.00)

  • 100% FINANCING - Zero Down  Options available O.A.C

  • WARRANTY – Valve & Tanks 10 Years, Resin 12 Years, Labor 5 Years on manufacturer defects

  • 100% TRANSFERABLE Warranties 

  • CONTROL VALVE -  Includes Clack WS1 Valve / Other valve options: Clack NWTS / Drop Wi-Fi - CLICK HERE for valve details

  • TANK COVER INCLUDED – Light Gray Blow Molded with Dark Gray Cap​​

  • BRINE TANK – 18" x 40"

  • BYPASS - Included

  • MINERAL TANK - Vortech Tank - Enpress Vortech® plate style tanks available, Vortech creates better back-washing and cleaning action of medias and shorter back-washing requirements resulting in water savings

  • SOFTENER RESIN - Certified commercial grade high capacity 10% cross-linked resin more than capable of handling Arizona’s tough water conditions

  • START UP SALT - 80 lbs. (Potassium is Extra)

  • HAUL AWAY of Old Systems (Standard Residential Size Systems, Commercial size units extra)

  • EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS20% Off on regular price yearly filter services for R/O system we sold and installed, based on listed pricing at time of service for as long as you own our system.



  • TESTED & CERTIFIED - Components have been tested and certified to meet NSF/ANSI 44, 61 & 372



Tax & Labor Included on Existing Loop up to 1" (no electrical, drain extensions needed, small additional charges for plumbing larger than 1")

No Existing Loop - Call for Free Onsite (Average ranges from $450.00 - $900.00)

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Lowest Price Guarantee

  • ​Our pricing is based on the highest quality components and our unsurpassed warranties and customer service.

  • ​Our goal is to provide our customer with the best possible price, and we will always strive to put a package together that meets your needs.

  • ​We can customize a package based on your budget.

  • ​We will meet or beat any competitor's pricing on comparable systems, warranty, and services. I​f we are asked to price match any advertised price, we may from time to time require a copy of the ad or quote to be in writing and include details related to the product. For example, quality of resin, or filtration media, warranty details and more.


Where space is a concern, VESTA Cabinet Series systems fit right in. Its cabinet design contains the entire system, softening tank and salt storage in one compact unit. It can even be placed in a closet, convenient for loading salt but out of sight. Don’t let the compact design of the VESTA Cabinet Series fool you. It will provide you with soft, iron-free water for years to come.


The VESTA Twin Control Valve is one of the most advanced controls available giving you soft water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

A VESTA Twin tank water softener monitors your daily water usage and regenerates only when necessary. Regeneration is based on your actual water usage and regenerates at any time of the day or night. This saves you salt, water and money. The twin-tank design means you always have a continuous supply of soft water, even during the regeneration process. While the one tank is in service, the the opposite tank regenerates, giving you all the advantages of continuous soft water

Valve Options & Features

Valve choices depend on the type of system and package

Clack WS1 Valve - High Quality, Dependable, Efficient, Highest Flow Rates in the Industry. Perfect for Residential and Light Commercial Applications. 

Flow Rate 27GPM

Solid state microprocessor

Downflow/up flow regeneration

Patented one piece expanding seal spacer stack assembly

Patented linearly reciprocating piston operation

Valve PDF

Fleck 5600 SXT Valve - Multiple options for filter and softener applications

Flow Rate 20GPM

Programming stored in memory and will not be lost due to power outages

Downflow regeneration

Programmable regeneration types for increased flexibility

Valve PDF

Clack Matrix & Clack NWTS Valves - The  Matrix and Clack NWTS valve feature all the benefits of the Clack WS1 Valve as well as offers:


Proportional Brine - Proportional brine is a method of regeneration where the amount of water added to the brine tank is proportional to the remaining capacity of the softener when regeneration occurs. This means that the salt usage will vary depending on how much capacity is left in the unit resulting in less wastewater and salt usage.


Low salt monitor on the display.

Matrix Valve Available with the following packages:

Flow Rate 27GPM

Solid state microprocessor

Downflow/up flow regeneration

Patented one piece expanding seal spacer stack assembly

Patented linearly reciprocating piston operation

Valve PDF

Bluetooth Legacy III - The Legacy III Bluetooth Valve features the ability to Control your system with easy display and push button operation or from the comfort of your Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet or Desktop Computer. Available from Google Play or Apple Store.

Available with the following packages:

Flow Rate 12GPM

On demand meter providing data and history

Treated Water Refill with pre-brine option

Simple 9 volt battery back-up keeps electronic meter active and will motor control valve to shut off position if in regeneration during power failure

Valve PDF


Wi-Fi Drop Valve with Salt Alarm + Whole Home Water Leak Detection includes 4 Detectors, Hub & Remote - The DROP valve utilizes a patented piston design that provides the ability to shut off water to the home. When paired with DROP Leak Detectors through the DROP Hub, this system provides all the benefits of a top of the line water softener, home leak protection, and a water conservation system in one. Only one Hub is necessary for all drop products. Using the DROP Hub, DROP monitors water usage and manages the water-related devices throughout the entire home. DROP can operate locally without an internet connection or has the added ability to send mobile alerts using the homeowner’s Wi-Fi network. This advanced system can shut off water flow to the entire home automatically when it senses a risk and allows the homeowner to make decisions on the course of action after the risk has been mitigated—all from a mobile device. 

Place DROP Leak Detectors under sinks and dishwashers, behind toilets or washing machines, near your water heater, or anywhere that water might leak or collect.

DROP works with Alexa Connecting your DROP system to Amazon Alexa provides voice control for a few of the most commonly used DROP features. You can quickly check your daily water usage or turn your water back on after a weekend away by saying “Alexa, ask DROP Connect to check my water usage” or “Alexa, ask DROP Connect to turn my water on”. To learn more about the available commands, say “Alexa, open DROP Connect.” How to connect Amazon Alexa to your DROP system Simply enable the ‘DROP Connect’ skill in the Alexa app and follow the on-screen instructions to link Alexa to your DROP Web Services account.


Note to consumer:

Choosing Drop Valve with any package includes standard installation:

  • System Plumbing

  • Initial Hub Placement and Power

  • Ensuring the Valve and Hub are communicating.

  • Ensuring the leak detectors have batteries and are operational

​The End User (customer) will be responsible to read the “User Guide Getting started and operating your new system and mobile app” this is a guided step by step process for setting up and naming your other drop devices such as the leak detectors or connecting to Alexa.


If you with to have one of our technicians assist you with this the charge is $125.00 and includes the first four leak detectors. Additional devices or preforming simulated leak test to check the devices and resetting items will be charged at the rate of $35.00 in 30-minute increments.

​Additional service calls regarding programming issues will be charged at the normal rate of $75.00 + hourly rate. Drop manufacture will provide you with free telephone help as well as offer a number of video tutorials.

Flow Rate 12GPM

On demand meter providing data and history

Treated Water Refill with pre-brine option

Simple 9 volt battery back-up keeps electronic meter active and will motor control valve to shut off position if in regeneration during power failure

Valve PDF

Clack Twin Alternating - The Clack WS1EE Valve – Twin Tank Water Softeners are the Most Efficient way to soften water. It is the only way to guarantee 24x7 soft water and ensures each tank uses 100% of its capacity before regeneration. Saving water and salt usage, and assures that there is always soft water available.

Flow Rate 28GPM

Solid state microprocessor

Downflow/up flow regeneration

Patented one piece expanding seal spacer stack assembly

Patented linearly reciprocating piston operation

Valve PDF

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