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Hero Whole House Water Treatment

Premium Multi-Purpose Water Softener with Whole Home Water Filtration

Your family deserves high quality water, so why not have the best designed system installed in your home?

Clean, soft, chlorine-free water is essential to our health, good for our home and pets, and can save you money.

Designed to fit your family’s needs:

Enjoy all the benefits of a Water Softener:

  • Removes Calcium and Magnesium that causes hard water stains

  • Softer Skin & Hair

  • Brighter Clothes

  • Use Less Soap to Get More Lather

  • Makes Cleaning Easier

  • Less Household Cleaners Needed

  • Extends Life of Appliances & Hot Water Tanks


While also Providing High Quality Whole Home Water Filtration

  • Removing & Reducing Hundred's of other contaminants.

  • Chlorine

  • Chloramines

  • VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)

  • Bad Taste and Odor

  • Much More.

Pricing From $1,150.00 to $1,850.00

+ Shipping

Depends on Configuration

SNRF-CC Modified Reticulated Catalytic Carbon Cubes A modified reticulated catalytic carbon that has the ability to absorb the entire chloramine molecule at once, without the need to break the ammonia/chlorine bond first, while also reducing soluble lead. This creates a higher capacity and greater flow rate than traditional catalytic media. 

10% Crosslink Resin
This resin has more intersections or strands “crosslinking” holding the beads together than standard 8% resin. This allows the resin bead to have greater strength and therefore a longer lifespan, sometimes double, than that of standard resin, especially when softening chlorinated water. 

High Quality Gravel Media
High hardness, high density filter media, effectively filters and provides a high quality media bed for this system.

CONTROL VALVE - The Hero offers a variety of valve options and features. If you are looking for options with Salt Alarms, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi capabilities we have the system for you. They are perfect for any residential or small commercial application anywhere.


Features Available - Depending on Valve Choice All options are High Quality, Dependable, Efficient

  • Highest Flow Rates ​

  • Proportional Brine (Save 30% - 50% on Salt & Wastewater

  • Low Salt Display

  • Back-lite display

  • Control your system from the comfort of your Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet or Desktop Computer

  • Wi-Fi Enable

  • Salt Alarm

  • Whole Home Water Leak Detection

  • Email & Text Notifications

  • Works with Alexa


  • Components have been tested and certified to meet NSF/ANSI 44, 61 & 372

  • Most efficient valves available on the market today

  • Lowest yearly maintenance costs

  • Made in the USA

  • Manufactured in Arizona

  • Certified high capacity 10% cross-linked resin

  • Certified High Grade Filtration Media

  • Fully programmable with on-board diagnostics or controlled from smart phone or tablet - options

  • Solid state Microprocessor

  • Down-flow / Up-flow Regeneration

  • Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed, or Time clock delayed


14" x 14" x 34" / 15" x 17" or 18" x 33"


Choice of (White, Chrome, Stainless Finishes or Neoprene based on availability)​


Valve - 5 Years

Tanks 10 Years


Tank Size: - 12" x 52" or 13″ X 54″

GPM: - 15GPM or 20GPM

Size: - 1-4 People or 5-8 People

Cubic Feet: - 1.5 or 2.0

Weight: - 93 lbs or 121 lbs

Height: - 59" or 61″

Width: - 28" or 29″

Depth: - 18″ or 18"

Inlet /Outlet: - 1″


Comes Fully Loaded / Just Screw on Valve

Brine tank includes safety float system

​Brine Line Included

6' of Drain Line Included

Not Included:

Water Line Connectors 

Additional Drain Line

Drain Adapter

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