Complete Water Systems LLC is family owned & operated.  Providing a complete array of Whole Home Water Treatment Products (Reverse Osmosis systems / Water Softeners / Whole Home Filtration / Salt Free Conditioners / Bacteria Removal UV Systems and more).

We provide the Highest Quality Components such as Clack - Fleck - Pentair - Pentek - Ultima - Vortech- Hydronix - Vertex and much more


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Water Softener Systems

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Complete Water Systems LLC offers only the highest quality systems on the market today. Our systems are manufactured in Arizona, and assembled with industry leading components, such as Pentair, Fleck, Clack, Pentek, Vortech, Ultima, and more. Systems that are designed to last and always provide the most efficient and affordable operating costs.

There is no comparison between our systems and the systems sold by the big box stores or home improvement stores. The quality of our components, resin, customer service and warranties are far superior to what they offer.



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Traditional Water Softeners (Salt or Potassium)

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Water Softener systems purchased from Complete Water Systems LLC and installed by one of our qualified partners include the following based on package:


Lowest Price Guarantee

  • Our pricing is based on the highest quality components and our unsurpassed warranties and customer service.

  • We can customize a package based on your budget.

  • We will meet or beat any competitors pricing on comparable systems, warranty and services.

  • System only sales, filters, parts, service & more 

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  • Installation Included on Existing Loop 3/4" or 1" (Standard) means at loop location, no drain, plumbing, or electrical extension required

  • Establishing a loop can range from $275.00 to $900.00 or more, on average

        the loop charges run $450.00 

How do I know if I have a loop?


Normally you will see a section of 3/4" - 1" copper plumbing shaped similar to the image above, located in the garage.

System Sizing

How do I know what size system I need?


(Based on a Regeneration cycle of every 7 days for most efficient operating parameters)


Take the total number of people in home multiplied by an average gallons per day per person of 75 (national avg.) multiplied by water hardness (20 is avg. for Phoenix and surrounding cities) = daily grain requirements, multiplied by days of recommended regeneration (7) equals unit size.


You should also take into consideration the # of bathrooms and if you have multiple body sprayers and frequency of quests. You should always consider rounding up to the next size unit to cover extra factors plus your system will operate more efficiently using less salt and regenerating less. The difference in costs upfront is minimal and will pay for itself many times over.

Another Quick Rule for the most common sized units is as follows:

32K - 32,000 Grain - 1.0 Cu.Ft. -   9 x 48 - 1 to 3 people

48K - 48,000 Grain - 1.5 Cu.Ft. - 10 x 54 - 3 to 5 people

64K - 64,000 Grain - 2.0 Cu.Ft. - 12 x 52 - 5 to 8 people

If you are considering a mixed multi use system than always increase one size.