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Encore TwistPro

Reverse Osmosis System

Premium Water Filtration 
Get the freshest, cleanest, purest drinking water at your fingertips. Our TwistPro reverse osmosis systems

are quick to install and effortless to maintain. 
Designed to be simple, these filters are Twist 'N Toss, replacing them is easy with a twist of your wrist. They are also very efficient at removing up to 99% contaminants from your drinking water. 

There is an optional refrigerator and ice-maker kit available on request. 

Exclusive Special Features: 

​Shok Blok 
This valve protects your system from water hammering and

water pressure spikes. 

Get peace of mind with this leak detection device. 
If a leak is detected, it turns off the water flow


TwistPro Features: 

This system comes with upgraded features that other water

systems simply don't offer. 

  • Easy Twist 'N Toss High Performance Filters

  • Made With NSF Certified Materials

  • Elegant, Ceramic Chrome Faucet

  • Shok Blok Pressure Protection System

  • Flowlok Leak Detector Water Shut Off Valve

  • Compact 3.2 Gallon Capcity Storage Tank

  • 50 GPD

  • 4 Stage

  • Filter Life 1 Year

  • Membrane Live 2 to 3 Years

Compact Size 
Dimensions: Height - 15" Length - 14.6" 
Width -4.6" 
Warranty: Limited 3 Year

Choice of Three Faucet Colors Brushed Nickel Antique Bronze Chrome 

Containment Removal: 

Lead, Arsenic, Fluoride, Chlorine, Herbicide, Pesticide, Mercury, Nitrate/Nit rite, Selenium, Rust, Sand, Scale, Trihalomethanes, Cyst,
Turbidity, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium

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