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City Water Softener


DROP offers the only 32000, 48000 & 64000 grain water softeners in the world that protects your home from water leaks in addition to providing all the benefits of soft water. 


This is accomplished through a patented piston design that provides the ability for the softener valve to shut off water to the home.  When paired with DROP Leak Detectors and the internal water meter the DROP Water Softeners provide the most comprehensive leak protection available. 


In addition to removing the hardness from your water, DROP City Water Softeners chemicals from your water such as Chlorine and Chloramine.


Specifications and Details


As the name implies, water softeners primarily focus on softening your water by removing hardness-causing minerals and contaminants such as magnesium and calcium. While this is still a needed process, these contaminants are relatively not classified under water filtration.


Most softeners use salt at the primary ingredient for modifying the properties of water. Common house issues from water hardness include soap scum and water spots on water fixtures which can ultimately shorten the lifespan of common appliances.

Drop Wi-Fi Water Softeners

  • Installation Included - On Existing Loop up to 1" (Standard) at loop location, no drain, plumbing, or electrical extension required

    Pro Tank Design - The City Water Softener is designed with a larger pro-tank system. This is perfect for any medium to large size home.

    Manual Bypass - Treatment bypass and manual water shutoff allow you to bypass the system in the event of failure, making sure you maintain water throughout your home.

    Resin - 10% High Grade Cross-link Resin

    High Grade Filtration Media - Catalytic Carbon

    Brine Tank - Brine Tank Square 14" x 14" x 34" or Round 18" x 33"

    Start Up Salt - 80 lbs. (Potassium is Extra)

    Soft Water Hose-Bib - At softener location

    ​Drop Valve W/ Wi-Fi, Drop Hub & Remote