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There are a number of factors homeowners and businesses face when considering their water treatment needs. Systems typically fall in one of two categories:

POE (Point of Entry) System – Treats entire home, business, barn etc.

POU (Point of Use) System – Treats localized problem, drinking water, fountain machines etc.


If Choosing a Point of Entry system you need to determine your plumbing requirements:

  1. Do you already have a loop?


IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you already have a loop and it was put in at the time the home or building was built there is a 99% chance the cold water supply side at the kitchen sink is bypassed, meaning that regardless of what whole home system (POE) you purchase the water will not be treated. So you will have to consider an under sink (POU) system, or face expensive plumbing costs to take it off, if possible.

   2. What will it take to install a loop and what are the costs factors?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Opposite of above if you have a loop installed after construction the cold side of the kitchen sink will not be bypassed. The water will be treated and depending on the system or your personal taste preferences you may also want to consider an additional (POU) system. Costs factors depend on location, length of plumbing, irrigation requirements and more.

Next: Is to decide what is most important to you:


Water Hardness – Causes scale build up, appliance failure etc.


Treatment - Water Softener (POE) Point of Entry – the best treatment available and is only system that removes hardness, designed to protect your home plumbing, water using appliances and improving the effectiveness of soaps and other cleaning supplies.


Alternative Treatment - Salt Free Conditioners and Scale Prevention (POE) is a good alternative for those not wanting to use salt, is not a true softener, hardness level will stay the same, but has proven to prevent and remove scale.


Neither system provides any individual health benefits. (In most cases will not treat cold side of kitchen water supply).

Filtered Water – Remove Chlorine, smell, bad taste etc.


Treatment - Whole Home Water Filtration (POE) Point of Entry – designed to remove Chlorine, Bad Taste, Bad Odor and hundreds of other contaminants. These systems provide safer drinking and cooking water though out the home or business.


These systems do not provide purified drinking water. (In most cases will not treat cold side of kitchen water supply).

Drinking Water – Drinking and Cooking – (Know your taste preference)

Treatment - Reverse Osmosis (POU) Point of Use – designed to provide pure clean and safe water for drinking and cooking.


If you currently have water delivered or buy bottled water that is purified this is the system you will want.

Alternative Treatment - Filter System (POU) Point of Use – designed to provide clean and safe water for drinking and cooking, leaves minerals in water.


This is not purified water it will resemble more like spring water.


Specific Contaminants – Fluoride, Arsenic, Lead, Chromium etc.


Some contaminants are expensive to treat, require specific filters and system types.


Important Notice:

Some companies promote whole home filtration proving safe drinking water to the entire home eliminating the need for additional water treatment products like a reverse osmosis. This in most cases is not true. First there is a good chance the cold side of the kitchen sink is bypassed and the water is not treated, this is where 99% of cooking and drinking water is taken from. Secondly if the cold side is not bypassed you have to consider the taste, if you prefer purified water you more than likely will not be happy.

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