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Bundle & Save

Homeowners should understand there are three important areas when treating their home water supply.

1. Water Softeners or Conditioners (POE) (Point of Entry Systems) - Treats the plumbing, water using appliances and either prevents or reduces scale build up from hard water.

2. Water Filtration (Whole Home Filtration) (POE) (Point of Entry Systems) - Treats the water making it safer for consumption as well as aesthetic impurities such as chlorine, taste and odor.

3 Drinking Water (POU) (Point of Use Systems) - Either through purified reverse osmosis systems or carbon/sediment filtration. Is also a should have if your home is pre-plumbed with a loop by the builder as your cold supply at the kitchen sink is more than likely bypassed and is untreated regardless of what system you purchase.

This section covers bundle options with a discount for customers treating multiple areas of there water treatment. Available only to customers purchasing systems from Complete Water Systems LLC and have the systems installed by a qualified party. Installation and Tax Included on Existing Loop 3/4" or 1" (Standard) means at loop location, no drain, plumbing, or electrical extension required.

Bundle Savings not to be combined with any other offers, coupons or discounts.