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The 368 Valve Series is the all-around solution for new market opportunities. The simple design is the perfect fit for a full range of applications. The valve is a fully integrated valve/control combination that packs all the brainpower and performance in the ultra compact housing.


The Perfect Fit


  • OEM component for compact, cabinet-style systems

  • Component for custom-build systems

  • Replacement component system repairs



  • Front-loading Components - for fast, easy service

  • Easy, Three-Step Programming - time of day, salt dosage, regeneration interval

  • Full Range of Application Settings - water saver and miltiple slow rinse cycles

  • Battery Free Memory Retention - super capacitor provides time-of-day back up

  • Water Cycling Design - incorporates the time tested reliability of Autotrol valve disc technology

  • Large LED Display - has icon graphics for system functions (salt dosage, regen interval, camshaft position and more.)




  • Tested and Certified by the WQA to NFS/ANSI Standard 44 for Water Softener Performance

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